And why does she hate Akiane?

She actually hates all the fake messiahs out there 😦

And why is this? It is because her Father told her, on October 5th 2011, that it is she that is the REAL Messiah. And now she has spent the last nine years battling this crippling fear that she would be anything but that person. That is her biggest fear; her worst nightmare. That someone else would get that title; that someone else would get her Crown. Today marks the eleven year anniversary of her Awakening. She was 21 years old, and she was a troubled agnostic who used to smoke holy herbs with her former boyfriend, current Twin Brother. What?, you may be thinking. How does a person go from being a boyfriend (they were engaged, actually), to becoming a Twin Brother? That is what Caliope is trying to explain to the world. But the world is far, far behind her when it comes to level of sentience and advancement of consciousness. That is why she is being forcefully medicated at a psychiatric hospital in Asker, Norway. It’s not really because she is sick or insane. But because the ‘system’ in charge of her destiny are governed by no other than Satan himself. But Caliope dosen’t really hate Satan. She actually think he’s quite sweet. It’s just that she hates his house. When she is writing about this place online, she calls it Lulu’s house. And yesterday – August 10th 2020 – it was actually an article about this place in Norway’s biggest newspaper. The reason Caliope is in Lulu’s house right now, is basically because her earthly male parent turned Father Lucifer on her. And well, that parent also has a job as a columnist in said newspaper. But some time ago, Caliope’s Mother (that’s me) told her that earthly male parent is not really secured financially and vocationally in the coming years. That means that if he wants to redeem himself, he should start worshipping me. By studying holy herbs and becoming a monk. This man is actually a very good man. It’s just sad to see how Satan is corrupting the potentially good people of God to the extent that they will sacrifice their own Child. Satan is here represented by Caliope’s evil stepmother. We will tell you all about her, do not worry.

Now that Caliope is being forcefully medicated with antipsychotics, it’s not really an issue as to keep her voice down and restrain herself from speaking her truth. It’s just that she won’t really be able to share the content on this blog on the facebook page (slash other social media profiles) that her former family have access to. If she does, they will call the hospital where she is currently forced to live (she also calls Lulu’s house for ‘gehenna’), and they will take her phone and her MacBook away from her. And if Caliope is unable to stay in touch with the people she knows who aren’t delusional, she will actually die. Literally.

Could you be kind and sweet and share her Word? I am the Queen of Heaven, and I promise you that I will reward you immensely if you help Caliope communicating her side of the story. Godspeed and welcome to the Alpacalypse!

– Mommy Mary

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Jeg er søsteren til Yeshua :)

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